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Gifted and Talented Test Prep: How it Works

When our children exhibit exceptional talents and brilliance in certain areas and subjects, it’s probably safe to assume they are gifted. However, we can’t simply declare our own children to be gifted or talented without formal testing. Parents who suspect their children to be brilliantly-abled should have them tested.


7 Benefits of Getting Your Child into a Gifted or Talented Program

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There are a lot of debates about whether or not gifted and talented programs do enough to enrich the education of our children. However, the benefits of these programs far outweigh any negatives. Here are 7 of the benefits for getting your child into a gifted program.

1. It helps gifted learners engage

A child that is gifted needs to be in an appropriate level in order to learn and engage with the material. If your child is reading on an accelerated level and can comprehend books far beyond the realm of his grade, keeping him in his grade level isn’t vicial to his educational growth.

2. Being around other advanced peers helps socially

Many people argue about the social ramifications of putting a younger gifted child in a higher grade. They worry about bullying and other awkward social issues. The reality though is that a gifted child really benefits from being around others of an advanced educational stance.

3. It’s less expensive than most people perceive

Early admission, partial acceleration, or skipping a grade are mostly cost-free. Options like magnet schools and classrooms may have a small initial cost, but overall, the benefits of these programs are much greater than any investment you’ll make. What’s more important than preparing your child for his future?

4. It actually benefits everyone

Thanks to the development of gifted programs, the creative new ways to learn have found their way into regular classrooms to improve academics. That includes problem-based learning, literature and self-directed learning. This is because they have been proven so effective in the cornerstones of education.

5. Gifted learners can achieve their potential

When you give a gifted child the tools he needs for furthering his education and exploring his talents, his learning is limitless. Gifted programs encourage children to think and go beyond basic requirements.

6. It’s not just about acceleration

Giftedness is something that affects your child completely. Teachers that are trained to work with gifted children are better suited to fulfill the academic and developmental needs of your child.

7. Gifted learners get it more quickly

Regular students must go through many repetitions of the same lesson to understand it. Meanwhile, gifted students need only one or several repetitions to master the material. Putting your child into a gifted program will keep him from veering off into boredom and possibly causing disruptions.

For these reasons, it’s essential to get your gifted or talented child into the right program. Fostering our children’s education is one of the most important things we can do as parents for preparing them for a bright future.

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